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About Burooj Realization

Burooj is an Education Research organization based out of Mumbai, India (www.burooj.org). Education is our primary focus and we are structured into the following 3 vertical operational areas impacting over 15000+ children, 1000+ teachers, Alhamdulillah.

Besides above verticals we are also involved in horizontal areas like "Teachers Academy" and "Research". Trained teachers are a critically important ingredient of a successful school. We focus 50% of our efforts on training them, as one good teacher can impact thousands of our children which are our future generation. Research is a key horizontal providing constant inputs to curriculum development, teaching methodologies and child psychology.

Our Projects

Burooj Angels

Burooj Angels aim to reach the children of the Ummah through its weekend Islamic classes. Currently there are 105 + classes in 9 countries.

Burooj Academo

A child-centered curriculum offered through 'Contexts for Learning' provides an excellent opportunity to develop enthusiastic, self-motivated and independent learners.

Red Camel International School

Red Camel, represents the best breed of camels recommended in the ahadeeth of Rasulallah. Red Camel is the embodiment of dearness, courage, faith, Qur’an and survival.


Burooj Realization is an educational research organisation that develops curriculum, programs and trainings designed to add values, reafffirm life skils and perspectives to children, parents and educators.


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